Back in 2019: Saturday Seminars!


9:30 amRocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
9:30 amBuilding Your Business Through InstagramEmily from The Fox SpaMormon Room
9:30 amSafher Solutions Personal Safety Awareness Training (see bottom of page for more info)John Bunnell, Founder of Safher SolutionsOregon Room
10:00 amRocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
10:30 amBuilding Your Business & Relationships through FacebookEmily from The Fox SpaMormon Room
10:30 amWomen In ArtThe Nicolaysen Art MuseumOregon Room
11:30 amRocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
11:30 amProduct/Service Photography TipsEmily from The Fox SpaMormon Room
11:30 amJ.R.’s Hunt; for life
Join the Movement
Save a Life; Stop Suicide
J.R.'s Hunt for LifeOregon Room
12:30 pmRocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
12:30 pmThe Visual Identity of Your BusinessEmily from The Fox SpaMormon Room
12:30 pmSafher Solutions Personal Safety Awareness Training (see bottom of page for more info)John Bunnell, Founder of Safher SolutionsOregon Room
1:30 pmRocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
1:30 pmWhat the heck is this tech guy saying to me?Laura Baker,
Co-Founder and Executive Director of CyberWyoming
Mormon Room
1:30 pmOregon Room
2:30 pm
(30 minutes only)
Rocky Mountain OncologyBridger Room
2:30 pm
(30 minutes only)
Easy Programs Available for Becoming a Cyber Leader in your OfficeLaura Baker,
Co-Founder and Executive Director of CyberWyoming
Mormon Room
2:30 pm
(30 minutes only)
Oregon Room

More Information

Safher Solutions Presentation

Improve your personal safety by using mental conditioning. Learn how your habits and routines, your attitude and your mindset can directly affect your safety. Also, learn how to significantly reduce your risk of becoming a victim BEFORE it happens by minimizing opportunity and using situational awareness.
John Bunnell, Founder of Safher Solutions, worked for several years in private security. He is also a military veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has over 24 years’ experiences as a police officer. John recently retired from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). For the past 13 years, John has taught self-defense for the LAPD. He has a unique perspective on victimology; specifically ways women can improve their safety before an attack occurs. With a desire to give back, John brings his experience and passion to the stage and speaks publicly on the topic of Women’s Safety.


What the heck is this tech guy saying to me?

Not only do women business owners have to overcome the tech-speak language to manage their cyber risks, but the technology field is comprised of 83.3% white men (EEOC).  Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex knows that there is a gender language gap too.  There are books written about it like Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!  Women have to learn some tech-speak and men-speak in order to communicate effectively in the tech world.  It is like learning French and Spanish! This session will help you overcome both the gender language and the tech-speak to effectively manage your cyber business risks.

Easy Programs Available for Becoming a Cyber Leader in your Office

No one really wants to deal with tech, right?  We just want it to work and when it doesn’t we get a little frustrated.  We don’t even want to think about cybersecurity and the risks the topic imposes!  Scary!  Everything is fine right now, afterall.  But national statistics still say small businesses are very vulnerable.
I say that this is an opportunity for you to excel in your office…finding the job no one wants (cybersecurity) and taking it by the horns!  And, you’ll find it isn’t so hard to lead the effort. This workshop takes you through a few programs that are free (or cheap), easy-to-understand, and will walk you through managing your cyber risks for your business.  Half the battle is educating the employees and creating your policies! You can do it!

About CyberWyoming
CyberWyoming is a nonprofit affiliate of CyberUSA and administrator of the Made Safe in Wyoming© program, which motivates and empowers business owners to meet best practices in cybersecurity.  Made Safe in Wyoming was co-founded by Laura Baker, Patrick Wolfinbarger, and James Drever in June of 2017, but affiliated with CyberUSA in March of 2018 becoming CyberWyoming.  Since then, CyberWyoming has founded the Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business and become an ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organization), a registered Department of Labor Apprenticeship Office for the Cybersecurity Technician Apprenticeship a C-Market Champion (C for Cybersecurity), a Cyber Readiness Institute Champion, and started an Information Systems Security Association professional development chapter in Wyoming.

CyberWyoming’s vision is to build a community of non-technical leaders and mentors in Wyoming to carry forward cybersecurity awareness and increase business resilience in Wyoming.

About Laura Baker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of CyberWyoming
Laura graduated from the University of Wyoming with her B.S. in Marketing, continued on with her Masters in Business Administration from Texas Tech University, and later earned her Associates in Risk Management.

She has worked with East coast Fortune 1000 companies to create risk management solutions, translated technological needs of mental health professionals for the largest community mental health center in the nation, created CD and website sales products for international companies, developed juvenile probation products with county agencies, and project managed hardware implementations for hospitals, clinics, and rural small businesses.

She most often uses her risk management background to translate technical speak to business risks, but also pulls from the psychology of language and decision making.

 J.R.’s Hunt; for life

Jenny Hunter is a Certified QPR Instructor. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. Ms. Hunter also oversees the Facebook group “JR’s Hunt; for life.” This site is to bring awareness to suicide and offer a forum to survivors and those contemplating suicide. Receive support for addiction and mental illness by interacting with others likeminded. We also desire to bring helpful needed information to mental illness, suicide and addiction to reduce the stigma of suicide and mental illness. We strive to break the silence and offer compassion, support and NO judgments.

Want to put on a seminar or have an idea?

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